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I was watching a Pokémon battle and a Noctowl used Protect. I know that if it had used Protect in the next turn as well, the accuracy would've dropped to 50%. What would happen if after the second Protect, the user used another Protect?


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Successfully using Protect, Detect, Endure, Wide Guard, Quick Guard, Spiky Shield, King's Shield, or Baneful Bunker consecutively now divides the chance of success of Protect, Detect, Endure, Spiky Shield, King's Shield, and Baneful Bunker by 3 for each consecutive use, with a minimum (1/3)^6 (1/729 or ~0.1%) chance.

So it goes from 1/3 to 1/9, 1/27, 1/81, 1/243, and finally to 1/729 if it still didn't fail.

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Shoot. That's low accuracy. Thanks for answering!