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I'm looking for Raikou in Pokémon Crystal and I need to know a way to find Raikou. I never actually seen Raikou before so I can't go to the PokéDex for locations. I'm currently at the 8th gym. I want answers on how to find, and then catch Raikou. Thanks in advance.

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Well fist have a Pokemon with mean look and hypnosis, preferably haunter, that is also fast. Then use repels and go into some grass, and if you keep waling around you should encounter raikou, Then use mean look on raikou, so it cant run. Afterwards use hypnosis too weaken it. Then spam pokeballs(Ultra Balls). I found mine on route after eucretek city, so I recommend going there. If you want to know where it is, you have to have encountered it. After you encounter it it will be in your pokedex and then select raikou in your pokedex. At the very bottom of the screen you will see something that says "area". Click that and then you can see where Raikou is. But knowing where raikou is only available if you-have already encountered it. Your best chance of finding raikou is if you already encountered by accident before, so then you can use the pokedex area feature.


bankai1217 9 years ago#1
here's how:

clone your masterball (see sticky on how to do this)

once it's cloned, fly to violet city with a Pokemon that is level of 39 or lower in the first slot of your party, as well as having several max repels

walk towards route 31 and use a repel. when the repel wares off, use another one and save the game. Saving the game will randomize the beasts' locations.

keep repeating this process and you'll encounter one. USE A MASTERBALL on it! now you should still have one masterball left

now do it again. Use the other masterball on it, and you'll have caught the beasts in less than an hour, not including suicune

Scource: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/375087-pokemon-crystal-version/46802198

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The fast ball will only have an increased catch rate on Grimer, Magnemite, and Tangela. Just stick with ultra balls.
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Get a golbat and evolve it to crobat. it is faster than raikou, can put it to sleep, mean look it and raikou can't escape. widdle it down and catch it. use the fast ball as raikou has a very high chance to flee but you stopped it from fleeing but it doesn't mean the fast ball will lose its effect. you should have raikou with this method (raikou can flee even if its sleeping). to find it, go to the dex to check on raikou. dont go to the route he is in he will just escape by the time you get there. go to a route then enter and exit till raikou appears. I recommend ecruteak city. cycle through the grass for about 20 steps. if he doesnt appear exit and come back. hope I helped :) but if I were you, I would continue on the game because I would probably accedentilly find raikou.

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it's location should be on your map. Raikou moves around so you use your map to track it iirc
he said he hasnt encountered raikou before so he cant check the dex
You can only see Entei and Raikou on your map in Heartgold/Soulsilver, otherwise I would have seen them already.
The fast ball will only have an increased catch rate on Grimer, Magnemite, and Tangela. Just stick with ultra balls.