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So I am getting a Smeargle to help me with catching the legendary beasts. If this Smeargles gonna be on my tema I decided I will make him battle worthy, by giving him a OHKO move. I need Mind Reader so I can guarantee a hit with the OHKO move. Chuck's poliwrath has mind reader, so I am trying to make him use it so I can let Smeargle sketch it, so I need to make Chuck use mind reader.crysta

Why do you want Smeargle to be battle-worthy when it's so much better as an HM slave?
As for your question, you can try using spite.
> The Wild Smeargle Method involves leading with a Pokemon that knows the move you want and finding a wild Smeargle.
Using a Pokemon with the move you want as the lead, attack the wild Smeargle with the move. Note that you must be faster. The wild Smeargle has no choice but to Sketch the move.
Switch to your own Smeargle, remembering that you must be able to take whatever attack the wild Smeargle now knows. Use your own Sketch to copy the move on the following turn.

Source: https://www.smogon.com/ingame/guides/how_to_sketch

Use this strategy.
@Helix probably post that as an answer, since it resolves the question.

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Turns out you can answer your own questions, so yay! I basically switched to smeargle when Chuck sent out poilwrath and the poliwrath used mind reader, so it could land a super effective fighting move on my smeargle, and I just answered my own question.