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Technition: Jolly: 252 speed, 252 attack, and 4 hp

Aerial Ace(STAB)


Brick break(Coverage)

I already have it on white so no egg moves or move tutor moves.

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For Scyther, l think the best use for it would be Swords Dance or Night Slash.
l see no real use for Double Hit on Scyther, and with a +2 ATK from Swords Dance, it could be a great sweeper with 252 Speed EVs and a Jolly nature, that's quite a lot of speed.

Although if you really don't want Swords Dance, Night Slash would be quite alright. With a high critical rate, it could do a lot of damage if put to good use.

(+) Although, Cranidos does have a good point, l forgot about Technician. Even with Technician, since it's a Normal type move, it won't be as effective as Swords Dance powering up everything, or Night Slash for coverage with a high critical rate.
Double Hit would probably be for damage, but will provide no coverage at all. ~

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Double Hit is usually to break subs on the first hit, then do damage on the second. However, it's not really powerful enough for that.
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I would go with double hit because it's ability technition mutiplys moves with the power of 60 or lower by 1.5

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Double Hit with both Technician and Swords Dance makes no change in base power, so it will still get boosted with Technician. Scyther's moveset with Technician is really powerful- Bug Bite which has Secondary effect, unlike X-Scissor, Aerial Ace which get the maximum boost from Technician+STAB, Swords Dance and Double Hit.

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