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Agility or S.dance
Iron Head Bullet Punch
X-Scissor/Bug Bite Bug Bite/X-Scissor
Aerial Ace Aerial Ace

I like agility better because I love speed. But maybe S.dance is better.

This isn't for Scizor, is it?
This is scizor I meant to put in the question sorry

4 Answers

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S-dance because you have alot of power attacks but it will be totally better is you have two power attacks and have agility and S-dance

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I'm predicting that this is for Scizor, and the second set is better if you want to have an effective Sweeper on your hands. Also, Speed doesn't matter because Bullet Punch has priority and remember Scizor needs Technician to be effective.

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U should probably teach it s-dance because scizor is more of a sweeper, his slowish speed doesn't matter because of his effect technician helping it with bullet punch
Bullet punch(first attack),+technician+stab+sdance and even+a metal plate you will destroy ur enemy

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Ya I would go with swords dance becuz if you have technician then bullet punch is crazy strong and you don't have to worry bout going last because bullet punch always goes first :D

why did i get a minus vote?