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My dragonite is adamant and likes to fight so he won't have fully maxed out speed and even if he did it still wouldn't be very high so which is better dragon dance for a 1.5x speed boost and a 1.5x attack boost or a 2x speed boost


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You should go for Dragon Dance,Since your Dragonite has no Nature or IVs relating to speed,even with using Agility,you're not going to out-speed everyone.
And with Dragon Dance you'll be able to utilize Dragonite's Nature,IVs and high base Attack and make it more powerful adding to that you'll have enough speed.

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I agree with this. There's no point increasing speed and wasting turns if you don't also have the attack to OHKO everything. Don't forget - 2 Dragon Dances and you've doubled attack AND speed.
Yes, dragon dance is WAY better, sience it raises both attack and speed as agility only raises speed.