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Since my team can take care of anything but water, I have come down to the best two grass types to fill in the last spot in my party. My current team is:

Earthquake, Crunch, Dragon Claw, Aerial Ace

Surf, Ice Beam, Dragon Pulse, Flash Cannon

Earthquake, Flamethrower, Air Slash, Rock Slide

Stone Edge, Aura Sphere, Psychic, Flash Cannon

Stone Edge, Fly, Iron Head, Fire Fang


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I'm gonna have to say sceptile, and the moveset would be.

Sceptile: Life Orb |
Energy Ball ( STAB )
HP Rock ( Covers Everything )
Dragon Pulse ( He's faster than most all dragons )
Leech Seed ( Heals up life orb damage )

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I would say venusaur because it has more health and S Def (The class most Psychic/Fire moves are in) And it beats Water/Ground/Rock with Its S Atk (Almost being tied with Septiles).

I recommend the moves to use in various combonations:
Growth (To power up other moves)
Frenzy plant (After growth)
Sludge bomb (after growth)
Sweet scent (To Ensure Frenzy plant hits & to use outside of battle)
Worry seed (To Change ability, Dont combine with sleep powder)
Stun-spore/ Sleep powder (giving you more cover)
*gigadrain (to attack and heal)

It's held item could be: Black sludge (To heal you without needing leechseed)

                                 Big root (ONLY with gigadrain)

Good luck and sorry about the lenght

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No way. Venusaur is slow. Sceptile has the advantage of speed plus super high attack. When paired with a rock move, it can take out all its weaknesses.
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Sceptile because it knows better moves and it has less weaknesses than venesaur