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So I read on Serebii that I was supposed to get Johto Starters after beating the Elite 4, but I got them after beating the delta episode did I do something wrong or missing something?

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-_- the delta episode (i think) is after the elite 4
it is after the elite for
Their information are not 100% accurate.

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According to the national Pokedex ORAS book, the way you obtain the johto starters is as follows:

>Receive from Professor Birch in littleroot town (after meeting zinnia in the delta episode).

Therefore once you have finished the delta episode, you can get your johto starters.

So no, you didn't do anything wrong. You just shouldn't believe everything you see on serebii.

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If that would be right, would be the same as just answering saying that is after the first gym leader for example, because is after the first gym leader, but it doesn't serve as accurate reference or answer for that kind of question.
 Even being both after the first gym leader and the elite four is still an huge long drop from being right after the completion of Delta episode. Is like answering saying that the number one came right before the number  three, however there is the number two in middle, the number one came before, but not "right before" as is usually done when explaining, using references and aswering questions that fit in this particular scenario. (Especially as giving reference)

 Being technically is not being right.

 Hope i didn't sound unpleasant, is not my intention, have a good day!
I don't understand why you.fesl this comment is needed because the first part of my answer explained when you get them.

And as for the statement "being technically is not right", I just added that last part to defend the person on serebii. Its not like that was my entire answer. You did read the entire answer didn't you?

Btw I edited my answer so anyone beside Olli can just ignore our Comments