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I’m currently trying to shiny hunt an Eevee in Sun/Moon but I’m having a hard time. The Eevees in that specific area know Baby Doll Eyes, Sand Attack, Quick Attack, and one other move.

However I’m being constantly plagued by those Sand Attacks, and my PP is going down rather fast. Not to mention the fact that turns take FOREVER when my Pokémon has been sand attacked to the max possible, because hits won’t land.

My question is, is there a way to counteract this constant accuracy stat change? Are there moves, or a certain Pokémon? Any insight is extremely appreciated!

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You can try switching out your Pokemon when its accuracy gets too low.
Use the masuda method. Its much faster
You could also just Soft Reset lol
Use taunt
Then taunt will run out of PP.

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The best single Pokemon for Eevee chaining is a Decidueye with Substitute, False Swipe, Leafage, and Low Sweep. Each of these moves has a specific purpose:

  • Substitute renders you immune to all of Eevee's status moves thereafter, and you can set it up immediately without having to suffer anything except perhaps a single Baby-Doll Eyes. Since Eevee only has one damage-dealing move (Quick Attack; its fourth move is Tail Whip), it is incapable of breaking that substitute by any means other than running entirely out of PP to get to Struggle.
  • False Swipe of course gets Eevee into red health to increase the chance of calling for help. If you do think it's getting low on PP, you can switch sides by False Swiping a new call, allowing you to finish off the old one.
  • Leafage has the most PP of any move in the game, and unlike False Swipe (which also has the same PP) it can actually finish a Pokemon off. This will allow you to churn through a chain to get to the point where shinies are more likely, without having to use PP restoratives such as Leppa Berry very often.
  • Finally, Low Sweep is particular to the fact that you're chaining Eevee. The main purpose of this move plays into Eevee's hidden ability, which is Anticipation: as soon as it comes out, if the opponent has a super-effective move against it (or a kamikaze or OHKO move), the ability will pop up with a message about shuddering. Of course, Fighting is the only type that's super-effective against Eevee, and Low Sweep is a Fighting move, so this allows you to immediately identify whether the newly called Eevee has its hidden ability or not. Some evolutions (Espeon, Sylveon) really like their hidden ability, while others (Vaporeon, Jolteon) get more mileage out of the regular ability, so knowing this may shape what you want to evolve it into, and if you want to color-coordinate the Pokemon with its Poke Ball or whatever, it will allow you to know that early enough to affect which kind of Poke Ball you want to throw at the shiny Eevee once it finally appears.