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I am playing on Pokemon Sun and I am close to finishing the game, I know that during the post-game I can go to the Lake of the Sunne and receive a free Cosmog. But I looked on https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Shiny_Pokemon and it said that it was not possible to get a legit shiny Cosmog, I just wanted to double check if anyone has managed it?

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No. Cosmog is shiny locked in Pokemon Sun and Moon, and the only way to recieve it is by hacking. Bulbapedia is correct.

Why do they make a shiny legendaries if they're going to be shiny locked like Lunala has a cool shiny but you can't even get it. It's like they're teasing you.
Agreed, maybe they will wait until later and give it out for an event or something, even though shiny Victini is still impossible to legitimately achieve.
It actually is possible to get Shiny Celebi now. The VC version of Crystal comes with the Celebi event, where you can hunt for it there and transfer it to Bank.
Oh yeah, my bad