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I want shiny torterra


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It is possible to get a shiny starter, but you need plenty of paitence. Everytime a Pokemon appears, including when you pick one, the game picks a number between 0 and 65,536. If the number is 8 or less, it is shiny. If not, it isn't. So, you keep restarting and picking until you get the shiny. It takes forever, believe me, but if you have the time, then go ahead. You could also use a cheat, but you'd need a device for that.


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The source is half right. It is possible to get a shiny starter, but the source gets its numbers confused and effectively says it’s an 8/8,192 chance, or 1/1,024, when it’s actually an 8/65,536 chance, or the 1/8,192 chance we all know and love/hate.
Yes KRLW890 would be correct.
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Yes you can get a shiny starter in Pokemon diamond and pearl.
It will probably take a while though so you might be better off trying to breed the shiny.

You can get a shiny starter in every game except for RBY (obviously)

I even shiny hunted piplup. I gave up though after like 500