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I've gotten a harvest female phantump and breed it with a solosis that knew skill swap who is a Male on Ultra Moon, but when I hatched phantump out of an egg it didnt know skill swap. Why does it not know skill swap and is there a different way to get skill swap on phantump?

That is not how breeding works. Phantump learns skill swap thru move tutor

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Phantump doesn't learn Skill Swap via breeding, it isn't an available egg-move for the species.

If you want a Phantump with Skill Swap you need to teach the move to it via move tutor. In USUM it is from a move tutor at the Battle Tree, which you need to beat the game in order to access.
Alternatively, if you're not at that point in the game, you could trade your Phantump to somebody who is, so that they can teach it the move then trade it back.