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I'm breeding a male Vanillite with Ice Body with a Ditto to try and get a Vanillite with Snow Cloak. (Not a hidden ability) Is this possible or am I wasting my time? Ive got a box full with them all having Ice Body.


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From gen VI (X) onward if a male or gendarless Pokemon breed with ditto or a female Pokemon it has a 80%(60% for HA) chance of passing down it's ability. So that means you have a 20% chance of getting a Pokemon with random ability that means the hatched venilite will have snow cloak chance is 20%/2=10% and it will have ice body chance 80%+(20/2)=90%. So your success rate of getting a snow cloak venilite is 10%. Hope I helped.

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I don't think "random ability" includes hidden abilities. Who told you that it does?
He meant 20% chance of getting a random non HA. And non of the above abilitys is hidden. I think he included "(60% for HA)" because if in case the asker wants to know about the HA chance.
The other 20% will always be the other ability, not a random ability. In this case, the Vanillite will have a 20% chance of having snow cloak. https://pokemondb.net/mechanics/breeding