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I’m trying to catch a timid Latias in Heart Gold. To find Latias, I fly from Saffron city to Saffron city and check the Pokégear map to see if it’s on one of the four routes connected to the city. If it is, I go to the route Latias is on. If not, I fly to Saffron again. Once I’ve encountered it, I use the master ball, check the nature, and if it’s not timid, I soft reset the game. If it was timid, I’d catch it, and I wouldn’t be asking this question.

After catching the not-timid Latias, resetting the game, and knocking out the not-timid Latias, I have to battle the league again to respawn Latias and change the nature. And no, I can’t use synchronize. I’ve tried, it doesn’t work. And I can’t reset right before defeating Lance, because the game forces you to save after you beat him.

So, is there any way to do this faster? Because I’d rather not put this much time into it. It takes about a half hour just to check the nature once and get a different one.

Just use repel and save right before encountering
What would that help?
Not having to rebattle the league
Already tried that. It’s a roaming Pokémon, so it won’t work :/

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The best way to cycle through roaming encounters is to repel trick while going in and out of the route, as demonstrated by this video. This way, you save the time of flying and checking the Pokegear. I would recommend doing this at the bottom of route 1, going into Pallet Town every couple of seconds to refresh Latias' location. You'll want to lead the party with a Lv. 35 Pokémon, preferably with Illuminate.

The Repel Trick helped me keep my sanity.