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is there a recommended method to level up faster?

what game?
In Ultra Sun/Moon, you can use Exp Share, Roto Exp, and Lucky Egg combined with sosing Chancey. It took me a day to get 6 Lv. 100's.

In White 2, I got Lv. 100's from the White tree Hollow, especially from fighting the Nurses with Blissey.
If u have crystal I have a decent method...
But it includes rare candies
Battle Pokémon that are slightly stronger than yours. You should also consider properly EV training your Pokémon before you start so they don't get nasty EVs while you're grinding. @Stakatacool, The Exp. Share actually gives you less EXP because it divides the EXP evenly throughout your party (or between two Pokémon depending on what game your playing) giving the Pokémon that deserved it less (I'm pretty sure this is right).
Generation 6 and forward, all Pokemon get 50% exp, no matter how many you have (otherwise the Exp Share would be quite useless). The Lucky egg offsets this and Roto Exp adds more experience. Most of the time, the pokemon I am trying to level both can't learn False Swipe and is too low level to survive Chancey's attacks, making it harder and more time consuming to try to use them alone, Rather than using one of my Level 100 False Swipers. :P
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There are multiple methods:

1. Give your Pokémon the Lucky Egg.
2. (Ultra Sun/Moon only) Use Roto Exp in battle.
3. (Generation 7 only) Go in the tall grass in the Battle Tree. It has the strongest Pokémon in the game. Chansey gives the most Exp.
4. If you want to level up groups of Pokémon, use the Exp. Share.
5. (Generation 7 only) Use a Level Boost Drink in the Poké Pelago.
6. (gen 7 only) If you have the Rare Kitchen in the Festival Plaza, use that.
7. Train Pokémon that do not belong to you. They get boosted Exp.

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Specifically the Chansey in those grass fields. :P
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It depends what game your playing really,

Gen 1 - The best way to level up in R/B/Y is to grind at the Elite Four, other than that you can always use the level up glitch but it may be hard to set up.

Gen 2 - Once again, grinding at the elite four in G/S/C is the best way other than using the duplication glitch on rare candies

Gen 3 - In R/S/E, you can use the bike and near the fiery path, there is a small ramp that the bike cant go up, simply hold up and you will be in a pseudo-loop while your Pokemon level up in the daycare. Or you know Elite Four lol.

Gen 4 - Elite four, that's about it

Gen 5 - Try to find and knock out audinos, they are the gen 5 version of chansey, also you can battle breeders in the stadium and they will give you rare candies and can be battled again and again.

Gen 6 - There is a loop in Lumiose City that can be used while your Pokemon is the daycare, just hold left!

Gen 7 - Try using Pokemon refresh and getting the Pokemon to full affection for more EXP, then use Roto Exp and battle the Eltie Four

Did you already hear of the Chansey trick in gen 7?
You could note that if that user is already at the end of generation 7, but wants to level up other Pokémon.
But the EVs you get might not be the best :/
sosing Chansey is much faster than the Elite four :P
In Generation 4, there are trainers that use Chanseys and Blisseys. Players can get experience by rematching and defeating those trainers.
Also, you don't need to get max affection in Pokémon Refresh, you just need 3 hearts for the EXP boost, which can be easily achieved by giving the Pokémon 1 Rainbow Bean.
The dupe rare candies was what I was thking
What about the Lucky Egg? The method you suggested for gen6 isn't that easy. After you make it to the area the gym of Lumiose City is located, you get on your bike while your Pokémon is in the daycare and start riding in circles. But, you must put tape on your 3DS' d-pad so your player keeps riding in circles so you don't have to sit there all day with your thumb holding the d-pad (who would do that?). It'll probably take more than a day so it's best to leave your 3DS charging on a hard surface all night (after the tape is attached) and leave your trainer riding all night with your Pokémon in the daycare.
I remember in gen 5 there was this one trainer who had a Blissey that gave out like 30,000 exp and I was just sitting there like,  HOLT KFCFBDUGJCNB EWHMFBE DJUXHFCNERDKUXJHCB BUXJHBEDUJHCBESJDHFB CEJYDHGFB CEUDJCSDJXHNCJM
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step 1: get a trevenant with the ability harvest
step 2: teach it skill swap and trick from tutors
step 3: get a adrenaline orb
step 4: harvest at least 1 leppa berry
step 5: get a lucky egg and attach it to all the mons you need to level up. if you dont have them, go to kukui after getting 50 different mons or use thief / covet on a bissey
step 6: get a false swiper
step 7: refresh all the Pokemons you want to make level 100
step 8: go to poni plains and go to the right patch of grass
step 9: save
step 10: keep soft resetting (l + r + start) and activating roto exp boost until you encounter chansey
step 11: use trick and skill swap on trevanant
step 12: use false swipe on chansey
step 13: use the adrenaline orb
step 14: bring out the mon you want to level up the most

it may all seem complicated but it isn't. i'll leave a video in case you still don't understand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPkJ39_eZrg

also this is all post game (bonus tip, if you don't evolve your Pokemon, you will get more exp)

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