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I am trying to catch a Ditto for the Mew mission and am wondering whether or not I should bother catching the Alolan Rattata I find.

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Are you thinking of the Ability Illusion? Because if you are, you can achieve your goal by having Rattata (Alolan) last in your party and lead w/Zoroark.
this is tagged "pokemon-go". It has to deal with a mission in the app, not VGC. :P
Idk about Pokémon-GO, but I wasn't referring to VGC. I was referring to the main games.
Based on how there don't seem to be any reports on Alolan Rattata-disguised Ditto, I'm inclined to say that it's not a possibility. I don't think anyone really has more information than that (unless someone has witnessed one) so I can't say for certain, but based on the lack of information about it and the fact that it'd be unique from all the other possible transformations I'd say it's just regular Rattata

I don't know if you're okay with that as an answer or if you'd like to see if anyone else has more conclusive information.
VGC means Virtual Game Console; not necessarily tournament play. They named the tournament play after what you play it on and the year, which is why "VGC 2017" was called "VGC 2017", not just "VGC". Some people refer to the games as just VGC. :P
"VGC" as in the Pokemon tournament stands for "video game championships".

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Ditto transforms into a copy of the Pokemon it’s facing, it gains the same moveset as the opposing Pokemon as well, and since Alolan rattata can learn moves that differ from the regular rattata, it only makes sense that ditto would turn into an alolan rattata

This question is for Pokemon Go. Are you sure it works the same way?
I believe so, if it can disguise it self as an alolan rattata in games it should in Pokémon go, but it deffinently is rare because ditto can desguise as ANY Pokemon
The way Ditto works in Go is a bit different from the mainline games: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-11-23-pokemon-go-ditto-what-pokemon-can-be-ditto
Ditto never appears as a Ditto in the wild; it can only be disguised as another Pokémon, and only a select few Pokémon for that matter, usually common ones like Rattata.
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