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Can you show us a picture of the card?
You probably can't sell it for much unless someone who is French buys it (that's if he/she wants it and if he's/she's a Pokémon trading card fan).
I don tplay tcg anymore, so i am aving them so when they are super rare i will sell them for a lot of money
On ebay peopl sell it fro 349.99 - 5000.00
I would never pay that much money for paper.
RobloxianSceptile has some competition.
I already got rid of mine. I'm not a hardcore tgc fan. Got like £5 for all meh cards from some place that sells and buys stuff.
Cool, how much did that First Ed Charizard sell for?

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It depends. Usually it is around $100-$1000. However, you can set the price range to however you want, just note: the more expensive = the less chance of sell. If you really want to get it off your hands, $100-$500 would be right for you, but if you love TCG and keeping cards then it would be best for $501-$1000. $1001 & up if you really, really, really want the money.