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i want to know if this is possible

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I am 99% sure that it is possible. After you defeat blaine, you are supposed to be taken to the islands, but if you dont defeat Sabrina first, that doesn't happen. You have to beat her, then go back to blaines town to catch the speedboat.

I think I've done it before, cant remember for sure.

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It is.
Scurce: I did it

But if you skip Sabrina completely you cannot get past victory road since guards will block you. All you need is Kogas badge so you can surf to it and it works in FRLG. And MM just in case you think I copied you I played both game so :/

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Hey how could you think that I would think such things.
Lol. Sorry. One time I had a really bad time of someone accusing me of it so I just wrote that
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I played RBY after I played FRLG. So I didn't knew that you have to give freash water to the guirds instead of the tea. And I missed the gym and realised it when I was passing the Bedge checking guirds.
So probably you can skip it in the RBY by ignoring it. And nothing will happen except geting blocked by the PL guirds. And in FRLG I don't know but I will quick run it to check if you can or can't.
Edit: I did a quick run and yeah you can skip it too. What will happen? Nothing. Bill still appears with the boat.

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Dude that is what I just said
But you did not said how to and which game. Because SK wants FRLG too.
I meant both games, and he never asked how to how to do it. Either way I edited my answer
to fight sabrina you need to defeat giovanni in silph co. and the team rocket grunt will liberate the entrance to the gym EDIT: sorry for my bad english