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Here's my Zygarde so far:

Zygarde @ Leftovers
Ability: Aura Break
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Dragon Dance
- Substitute
- Thousand Arrows
- ???

I'm having trouble picking between Rock Slide, Extreme Speed, Stone Edge, Zen Headbutt, and Outrage.

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Either Outrage or Extreme Speed
Depends on the rest of your team and your format.
Just go with STAB Outrage. Although, Iron Tail covers Ice and Fairy.
Rock Slide would be better for those Ice types. You could get the speed to go first and the attack form Dragon Dance. Then Ice types won't stand a chance (but then there's your Dragon weakness... yeah. Choose Outrage then). You could go with Iron Tail like Guy suggested until this happens:

Zygarde used Iron Tail!

The attack missed!

Xerneas used Z-Geomancy!
That is why Coil is needed to raise Accuracy.

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I think you should give it Outrage, even though it confuses you, it's a really strong move, and you have Dragon Dance to make it even stronger, maybe even a OHKO move. Also I think you should get rid of Substitute because your Zygarde does not have the bulk to use it. This replay shows what would happen if your Zygarde uses Substitute without any bulk.

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Ok, calm down, Guy -_- . Its fixed now.
Pretty sure zygardes don’t have aura break in ubers
Then you need to tell me the format.
Is the format AG (Anything Goes)?
Ou tier
Oh, ok, thanks.