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I am shiny hunting Zygarde in Dynamax Adventures, and he is extremely difficult to beat. As soon as Power Construct activates, he becomes nearly impossible to kill without 2 or 3 stab ice type moves on the team. What are some strategies I can use to defeat him efficiently?

I have no idea how I beat him with an Altaria and zero Ice types. I lost to him like 20 times.
I've beat him maybe half of the times I've gone up against them. And because I'm shiny hunting it, I have to go and do it over and over again. And the ai is too incompetent to do the right things so I have to go online and do with animations on.
The only real thing I've found is that swords dance alolan sandslash and then avalanche kills it at right above half
if you think zygarde is bad, wait for the Kyogre fight if you play shield
really? Intresting

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Ice type moves are always good, so try to get a Pokemon with one if you can. With a 4x weakness to Ice, they'll whittle down Zygarde's HP eventually.

As Zygarde uses moves like Thousand Arrows and Land's Wrath, Wide Guard is your best friend. The rental Kingler, Mantine, and Mienshao can all use it.

If you can get Togetic and a Wide Guard user, have Togetic spam Follow Me and use Wide Guard. This essentially means you're protected from all of Zygarde's attacks except Bind, which isn't an issue anyways.

Try to Dynamax a Pokemon that can do major damage to Zygarde, and break down its HP bit by bit.

And of course, pray to the RNG gods that luck is on your side and you manage to win.

Hope I helped!

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Thank you! I did one time get mantine with wide guard and it definitely was easy to kill that round. The pelipper gets wide guard as well. Now we hope the ai is not dumb and we can actually get a shiny zygarde
Good luck on your hunt!
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Ok, these are the strategies I can think of:
For rental Pokemon, the best to choose is an Ice Type. Jinx is a great choice, as it has Ice Beam which I can tell from my personal experience because I've battled Zygarde before, Ice Beam does a tremendously huge amount of damage. If there is no Ice type rental Pokemon, try to get Sharpedo or Tyrantrum. Sharpedo because of Scale Shot, which is super-effective and is not weak to Dragon or Ground. You could also pick Tyrantrum because it also has Scale Shot, being super effective and increases to 130 Power when Dynamaxed. If you can't get any of that, here is the last choice I know. Pick Nidoking with Ice Punch. Ice Punch has good Power and is 4x effective.

Now, if you don't find any of those rental Pokemon, then during the adventure catch all the Pokemons you find, because you never know when they have Ice type moves or Fairy type moves. Also, choose paths that have berries in the way. They heal 1/2 of your Pokemon's max HP, so you get more health back to prepare you for the Zygarde. One common option is Liepard. Liepard has Play Rough, a powerful super-effective move that can do a lot of damage. Flygon is also good, but it is weak to Zygarde.

Sorry for the long paragraphs, those are the advice I can think of, so I hope I helped and wish you luck on catching Zygarde!