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I heard somewhere that wailord is lighter than air. Is it true?

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Wailord is one of the largest Pokemon. In fact it's 14.5 meters long and weighs 398kg, which makes it the tallest Pokemon, but not even close to the heaviest. For something that incredibly big it's actually very light. Wailord's pokedex doesn't mention any other measurements than height and weight so we can't get an exact three dimensional model of it.

But if we would assume that Wailord was a cylinder with a radius of 3 meters and a height of 14.5 meters it would get a volume of 409.98 m3. Rounded to 410 m3 (cubic meters) for simplicity's sake.

If we divide its weight with that volume.

398kg / 410 m3

It gets a density of 0.97 kg/m^3. Compare that to the density of air which is 1.225 kg/m3 and you'll see that Wailord actually is lighter than air.

This means that Wailord would float sort of like a helium balloon. The density of air is lower at high altitudes. According to this, the density of air at 2000 meters above sea level is approximately the same as the density of a Wailord. Poor Wailord being stuck up there.

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"the pokedex only gives us the measurement of one dimension to work with, so we can't get a 3d model"
the games are now in 3d, meaning that the devs already did the work of getting a 3d model. with this model and the one dimensional measurement that we have, it should be possible to find the exact volume, and hence the exact density.
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The largest of the whale species is the blue whale which can grow to an average length of 70 – 90 ft. and weigh an average of 100 – 150 tons, however in some cases the blue whale has measured in at over 100 ft. in length and weighed more than 180 tons.

Gray Whale: Average length 45 – 48 ft Average weight up to 40 tons

I have read other sizes and heights about whales, and Wailord is very massive for only weighing 877.4 lbs (398.0 kg). Most whales can jump, but they can't jump very high because their weight hindering it. But Wailord's weight can't hinder it. Since it once had the move Strength, it has to be strong, so I have a feeling that Wailord is also very muscular. Also learning Whirlpool looks like it can move pretty good for a big ol' whale too. So according to my math, Wailord can jump very high, and it's so high that they consider it flying. Also, it learns a lot of moves associated with flying, and it's the float whale Pokémon.

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