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Snorlaxes are pretty darn fat, do you think that could protect them from an 877 pound tic-tac with fins?

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According to the link below, it takes 2,300 newtons of force to crush a human skull. Assuming that Snorlax's skull is just as thick as a human skull, a Wailord could crush the skull of a Snorlax by running into it at six meters per second, or 13.4216 miles per hour. Putting this as a comment for now, as it doesn't take into account any other things that could cause it to take more force to crush the skull of a Snorlax, but I will use this as an answer if you would like me to.
How on earth did you come up with that question?
Wailord weighs about 4000 Newtons, so if Wailord's entire body was resting on Snorlax's skull, then it could crush the skull from weight alone.

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sorry but no the snorlax would resist entirely first off Wailird has a greater size than weight and that weight gets smaller when we convert it to mass. MAKING ITS DENSITY LESS THAN 1! That is literally less than most liquids and a few types of gas! if it was the size of a pidove for example it wouldn't even be strong enough to resist a slight breeze. and next is it's size. it's massive only being beaten by the tallest (Primal Groudon) and second tallest (literally Alolan Exegutor no joke) in size. with that size it's weight will be evenly distributed across its entire body. it's psi wouldn't be enough to break your nose. sure it would still hurt and it could suffocate you but the rushing wailord would not be strong enough plus with some Pokemon thier skeletons are literally made of steel! so it'll take more pressure to do that oh and one more thing if a proportional Wailord was shot out of a gun it would be less damaging than rubber bullets.

If I am wrong with my calculations please inform me. and fare well and by the way never thought of this so nice question.

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How did you find the area of Wailord in order to calculate its density?
quite simple height+relative pixel measurements (not with other Pokemon dear god no) from the BW2 Sprite
Whoops, I meant volume, not area.
What did you find the volume to be?