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i'm just wondering about this :3

Yellow and many side games have starters that aren't in a 3 stage evolution line.

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No. In Yellow pikachu cannot evolve. Also in the upcoming games(let’s go eevee/pika) eevee does not evolve twice.

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i don't think eevee would evolve at all lol
Oh. Whatever, it still is not a 3 time evo starter
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In Pokemon yellow Pikachu can't even evolve at all. Technically it now has a 3 evolution line but that doesn't matter since Pichu is a gen 2 baby Pokemon.

This is the only game without a 3evo starter, but in the new coming Let's Go games the starters are Pikachu and Eevee. Eevee can at Max evolve once, and we already explained Pikachu.

So there are 3 (only 1 confirmmed) games that don't 3evo starters.

That is basically what I said
I'm talking about main series
So am I.