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It's Saturday at the Survival Area and I don't see him. Do I need to go to Stark Mountain or something?

I think you need to complete the Stark Mountain event first, I could be wrong though
> In front of the entrance to the Battleground is a spot where the rival will stand on Saturday and Sunday in Pokémon Platinum.
I checked there...
I guess Barry is dead. Hmm, this must have something to do with Stark Mountain (if you never went there). This video shows Barry is in Stark Mountain (https://youtu.be/OCkXeywdbbQ?t=138 ), but he doesn't move. I think you have to do the whole Stark Mountain side quest to get what you want ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
At elast it is not as bad as nacy sidequest in b2w2
Traveling through caves will always seem horrid and time consuming to me.
According to Serebii, you just need the Nat Dex and to be in the Survival Area

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Apparently he appears only after the Stark Mountain sidequest.

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he appears after the stark mountain quest
That's exactly what my answer already said...