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What is the chance for getting things+pokemon, things, Pokemon? To make this more clear here is an example.(note non of them are right)
Like you will find or encounter something has 75% chance.
You will get an item has a 50% chance of 75%
You will encounter a Pokemon also has 50% chance of 75%
You will encounter specific item has a –% chance in 50% of the 75%
You will encounter specific Pokemon has a –% chance of 50% of 75%
Note: this is just an example. The answer should be like this but I don't think the parcentages I had put is accurate.

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game?Also dude you nevr looked at th epated answers on your gfghost girl and shiny zororark question.
Any game where smashable rocks are present. And I already have seen your answers and also liked it but didn't give it a BA because this how people who knows more will also answer it.
An example is the berrys snorlax question.
If you want the BAs tell me in my wall I will give it to you.
I dont want ba's Just teilng that you, that yuou should check the answers. But now I know you check them all .
Not a complete answer, but this has all of the items in each generation: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Rock_Smash_(move)

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