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Making Pokemon for the battle tree, so I'm building a Mega Salamence for the battle Tree. So whats a good nature?

Adamant or Jolly. Preferably with Dragon Dance.

I use Jolly because I was too lazy to breed for a 5 IV Adamant, but It still sweeps teams :P
What moves does your Salamence know? If you don't know what moves it's going to know, then this counts as a duplicate of the "What's a good moveset for Salamence?" question.
Protect, Flamethrower, earthquake, and Outrage
But im thinking of Changeing it up a bit I'm gonna keep Protect and Outrage.
But whats a good move that goes with his Mega Ability?
Get one with adamant nature and either return or frustration.
If your Salamence has max happiness teach it Return. If it doesn't have max happiness (if it hates you) teach it Frustration. What other Pokémon are on your team? If you have too many Dragon types you'll find lots of Fairy and Ice types in the Battle Tree.
i was gonna make a well-rounded team so they can cover each of there weakness, Salamence and naganadel are two of 4 i chose
It looks like a fast physical sweeper, so I would say Naive.
How is naive better than jolly?

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Jolly or Adamant are the most common Natures and are used on physical sweeper Salamences (usually a Dragon Dance set.

Niave is a niche used for Mixed Mence, almost unheard of.

I would personally recommend Adamant because after one DD there isn't much that outspeeds Salamence anyways.

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So, Earthquake, Dragon Dance, Return, and Roost?
You could use Double Edge instead of Return.
i really don't do moves that cause recoil unless they have good Hp to go with it. I dont want to use the move than end up fainting from a opponent's attack.
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Well Mega Sceptile Outspeedds Mega Salamence just from mega evolving with no stats changes. But my mega salamence will out speed Mega Sceptile after one DD.