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Is it possible to breed a Ferrothorn in the hopes of getting Stealth Rocks and Leech Seed?

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Yes through a male Torterra just give him those moves breed him with a female ferrothorn/seed and presto!

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Is Torterra in Black/White? Also, would I need to first breed Torterra for him to learn those moves?   
P.S. Torterra could be one of the fossils from Black and White.... I'm still not familiar with there names.
Ok, so to teach it Stealth Rocks, I would need to trade for one since Stealth Rocks isn't a TM in this version. I guess I could get one and breed it with something and then breed it with a Ferrothorn.
No you would have to send him from platinum with S-rock tmed to him he learns S-seed by lvl up
How would one acquire a Torterra in Black and White? I don't have Diamond or any of the GS remakes. I went on the Global Trading System last night and entering Torterra's name isn't even an option.
That is because isn't in your pokedex you will have to trade with a friend.
Alright thanks. Does anyone know a good site where you can ask for trades? I post on one with no success so far.
I would trade ya a torterra but I don't have wi-fi  currently try facing people in white forest/black city, lacunosa town or in a global battle
Still never encountered one. Tried 2 different forums and so far no response. I guess it's a lot harder when you have a specific request like this. Wish there were trading forums on this site.
Torterra is a fossil?
Pukacho, use the comment system. Don't put each response as an answer. Thanks.
No he's a starter from the 4th Gen. And no prob Will.