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I recently recieved a shiny Smeargle from Wonder Trade, and I thought that maybe, if a wild Ditto transformed into my Meloetta, I switched out to the shiny Smeargle, then if the wild Ditto used Relic Song and Smeargle used Sketch, then maybe Smeargle can learn Relic Song. I tried to test it, but Ditto killed Smeargle before it could use Sketch. So, before I try anything else, can Smeargle learn signature moves with its Sketch attack?


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Smeargle can learn any move except Chatter, but keeping the move of a Mythical/Legendary Pokémon forever is the hard part.

Here's three steps for getting a Mythical/Legendary Pokémon's signature move:

  1. Have a Smeargle and Mythical/Legendary Pokémon with it's signature move in your party. Also, Make sure your Smeargle is slower (has lower speed) than the Mythical/Legendary, otherwise, Sketch won't work.

  2. Find a double battle you never did before.

  3. Start the double battle. Make your Mythical/Legendary use it's signature move, then make Smeargle use Sketch (or the other way around, as long as Smeargle is slower than the Pokémon you want to use Sketch on).

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Technically, Smeargle can't learn chatter or struggle.
I guess that is true.
Remember that in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, the battle at the Game Freak office is now a double battle against Shigeki Morimoto and Kazumasa Iwao, and it replenishes every day even if you've already done it.

Also note that some moves require more preparation before you can sketch them than others. Notable, if you try to sketch Plasma Fists off Zeraora, Plasma Fists' own effect combined with the effect of the Volt Absorb ability will cause Sketch to fail, unless you manage to overwrite Zeraora's ability first.
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It is also worth noting that Smeargle can learn Dark Void, but will be unable to use it if it isn't Darkrai. :P
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