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I really wanted to add gible to my team but I'm having trouble deciding who to get rid of, right now my team is...
Lucario lvl37, Luxray lvl37, Torterra lvl36,
Ponyta lvl36, Staraptor lvl37, and
Floatzel lvl36.

onyta i think
Don't use Gible. It takes too long to Level Up, or be very useful at all for an in-game team. It also makes your team very weak to Ice types, especially if you replace Ponyta (Lucario can't always take all of them down). :P
thank you I appreciate the input, I was kinda leaning towards ponyta but I agree the lacking of a fire movepool could prove faulty
Staka, I picked up a Gible late-game in Diamond, and it actually worked pretty good. Gabite is a lot stronger than you’d think. Or at least it seemed like it was... There will be a bit of a grind for experience, (especially with 6 Pokémon) but I’d say Garchomp is definitely worth it in the end. I don’t think that ice types will really be a problem, because there are so few of them in Sinnoh.
Any Pokemon can become strong if you grind, so the only purpose of using GOOD Pokemon is that they take less grinding. For example, let's say you might replace Torterra because you don't want 2 ground types on your team (especially when they're both extra weak to ice). If you never use Gible, continue playing with this team, and eventually raise Torterra (along with the rest of the team) to level 56, then your Torterra will take 129152 experience. With this same amount of experience, you can raise a newly caught level 17 Gible to level 49. So a level 56 Torterra and a level 49 Garchomp cost the same. Which would you rather have?
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By the by the way, you might want to simply stop using Ponyta at this point. Lucario already covers ice and steel just fine, and Staraptor already covers bug just fine. I think you would benefit more from having an empty slot than having a Ponyta.
This question's fine.
Luxray for sure. Pretty sure his base stats are weak as hell
Replacing Luxray with Garchomp means having 2 ground Pokemon on the team. Why would anyone want 2 ground Pokemon?
Also, Luxray is the only flying coverage on his whole team, and it has intimidate. 95 special attack isn't that bad, especially with a medium slow growth rate.

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First, having 2 ground Pokemon on the team uses up twice as much experience and isn't much more useful than 1 ground Pokemon, so replacing anything except Torterra is a bad idea. If you need to replace one team member, then Torterra is the best one to replace.

With that said, I'm going to compare Gible to Torterra. Torterra is already fully evolved and pulling its own weight, and it will continue pulling its own weight for the rest of the game. If you drop that for Gible, then you get a Pokemon that's relatively weak and useless until it grows around 31 more levels.

And when it finally does evolve into Garchomp, it doesn't suddenly become some sort of unstoppable juggernaut of doom. Pseudo-legendary Pokemon aren't magic. (Alakazam, on the other hand, is magic) In fact, it might still be weaker than Torterra, despite having far superior base stats, because base stats don't decide everything. (and acid stats don't decide everything, either) Yes, Garchomp is stronger than Torterra at the same level, but there's no good reason why they should be at the same level. The thing that really limits the usefulness of Pokemon is experience, because wanting more experience requires grinding. So I'm going to compare Torterra and Garchomp when they're given the same amount of experience. A level 36 Torterra takes 171053 experience to grow to level 60. If you dropped Torterra and gave that experience to a level 17 Gible, then Gible will grow to level 52.
And this is how strong each of them ends up. (assuming 16 IVs and 84 EVs in each stat and neutral natures)

84 Atk [level 60] Torterra Earthquake vs. 0 HP / 0 Def [level 63] Lucario: 188-224 (104.4 - 124.4%) -- guaranteed OHKO
84 Atk [level 52] Garchomp Earthquake vs. 0 HP / 0 Def [level 63] Lucario: 162-192 (90 - 106.6%) -- 43.8% chance to OHKO

So Gible is worse than Torterra and you shouldn't use it.

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He wants to. He never asked for help on who to put on his team. He asked where to put a pokemon on his team.
If he/she/it simply wants to use Gible, then he/she/it should stop using Torterra because of what I said in the first sentence.
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Get rid of Ponyta. U can just teach gible fire fang instead and also plus ponyta doesnt learn any hm moves so it’s kindof dead weight. Don’t listen to the people telling you not to use the gible Pokémon is about fun if you want it use it even if its bad. Just be careful of ice types :D

Why is Gible more fun than Ponyta?