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I've tried changing the clock but all Mr Backlot says is that Marill is in his garden. Also if there's another way to change the Pokemon that appears put that in the answer as well

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You could go to the Great Marsh or Route 212-215 (in Platinum) to get Marill.
Thing is, all he says is Marill is in his garden, even when I change the clock
I think you have to not save after talking to him or you have to wait for midnight to pass.

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I’m pretty sure just changing the internal clock doesn’t work, since I’m certain that it doesn’t work with honey trees.

However the bulbapedia article for trophy garden mentioned something about soft reseting. I looked it up and found this guide.

Save before talking to Mr. Backlot and soft reset the game if he doesn’t mention your desired Pokemon. Read the previously mentioned guide for further details.