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I use this:

Rayquaza-Mega @ Focus Sash
Ability: Delta Stream
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Dragon Ascent
- Outrage
- Iron Head
- V-create

I like to use a Fast Physical Sweeper, that is, a Rayquaza with maximum physical attack and maximum speed. Focus Sash helps him to resist attacks like Blizzard, Moonblast.etc. I use it as my only mega evolution, Delta Stream ability (he gains this ability after mega evolve) helps him lose weakness to rock moves, and make his ice weakness x4 drop to 2x, leaving him with only 3 weaknesses, 2x Dragon, 2x Ice, and 2x Fairy, Dargon Ascent is the movement that makes mega evolve, has a great power and accurary, but down your defense and special defense, Outrage has a perfect accurary and power, however the fact that he gets 2 to 3 turns using this same attack and leaves him confused is a small disadvantage, Iron Head has a good power, and a good accurary to mainly attack Rock and Fairy types, since the V-create, although it diminishes its defense and its speed, is powerful and is perfect to attack ice type, use this Rayquaza a long time and I never regretted it, it's great.

Mod note: Do not answer with your own Rayquaza moveset; an entire thread exists for that already. Discuss the moveset provided in your answer.

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This is for competitive, right? What format?
There are enough things that out-speed Rayquaza that may warrant Dragon Dance or Choice Scarf. I Recommend Replacing V-Create and Iron Head for Dragon Dance and Earthquake. This way, you hit more Pokemon effectively and out-speed all the necessary threats. As for Item, Focus Sash is fine, especially if:
- Your opponent survives Dragon Ascent and does massive damage
- Your may get OHKO'd while setting up Dragon Dance

I don't think you need V-Create when: Iron head Hits Ice type Pokemon, Earthquake hits Ice Types hard enough to OHKO (especially with a Dragon Dance or 2), and most Ice type damage that will threaten you will most likely come from Primal/Regular Kyogre, which makes Fire Moves pretty useless, and you can KO with Dragon Ascent or Outrage. Earthquake also hits Primal Groudon Harder, which may wall and KO you otherwise. :P
Why would anyone use earthquake to hit water or ice Pokemon when dragon ascent gets STAB?

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This moveset is good, is balanced, can do well in a variety of scenários, is not perfectly effective as an especialized set for especific situations, but is usefull enought to be effective in most.

However V-create and dragon ascent together is not very effective in your particular set, since fire and flying types share many type machups. For example, grass and bug, which are types who appear very often. And for a especialized set would be ok if adds to your especialization, but for a balanced, needs variety. Maybe replacing one of thoose (mostly V-Create) with another move (Dragon dance being a good option) that benefit your particular setup can increase your odds and expand your possibilities.

Your setup looks to be focusing your Rayquaza for offense using speed, pokémons who go trough that way, shouldn't be worry about having his defense/special defense lowered, since they use speed, they'll mostly attack first, and using powerfull moves will be rare for an enemy to stay alive after one hit. If you understand that, you are making good use of Rayquaze personal style and move. However if you Rayquaza was walking the patch of moving slowly, have to increase HP instead of Speed, then this would be definitively a problem (mostly if the pokémon was not sent as the last one or finisher), but is not your case.

Also, if your speed is good enought, focus sash can still benefit you, but not as much as another item. If most enemies will not resist your one hit kills and your speed to attack first, they'll barely have a chance to hit you at all, so using an item to maximize damage would be used more often. Something that increase flying or dragon moves for example, since are your maim moves. Focus sash would be more usefull if you are frequently outspeeded or the enemy survive your moves often. In theory can be different than in practice, in regards focus sash, you should try it a bit, see if your enemies are really outspeeding you or surviving your hits often. If they are, keep focus sash, if is not that often, swap it for another item.

You are on the right way, hope I helped and I wish you luck with your setups!

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