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I'm looking for a Pokemon with good def and sp def.
It can't be megas because I already have a Pokemon that can mega evolve in my team.

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ask koga. thats his whole strategy. its why I hate him.

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What I found was best was Lapras. My mind instantly went to Weezing, but that Sp. Def, garbage. Here's a little move set for your gentle giant.

Nature: Sassy
Ice Beam

Lapras is weak to Fighting, so maybe don't use it for that. It's still the best I could do. Lapras is also weak to Rock, but not many Rock-types will outspeed Lapras even with a Sassy nature, and you got Surf. Toxic because, you want a Toxic stalker so.... Thunderbolt for good power and a chance to paralyze. And Surf and Ice Beam for powerful STAB. You could also replace Thunderbolt for Drill Run to have a counter for Electric types, but I would opt for Thunderbolt.

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EVs don't exist it Pokémon Let's Go. You can raise a Pokémon's AVs (the equivalent replacement) by 200 in each stat, and Each AV raises that Stat by 1, regardless of level (it is as broken as it sounds). Don't thrash PU mons. Lets Go has a similar teirlist than that of Gen 1 (most changes involve Mega Evolutions and Melmetal), where Lapras was in OU. :P
Crap. That's embarassing. Will fix. Thanks.
I actually think this is the best Toxic staller due to it having Thunderbolt to cover Melmetal, the most common check to Toxic users. :P
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Blastoise is good because it can learn toxic by tm, and it's defense and special defense is phenomenal. Grass and electric are basically the only types you need to look out for, but even so blastoise can learn a lot of attacks to cover those types. Here is a pretty good move set: protect for annoying stall, ice beam for coverage, waterfall for good STAB move, and toxic, because you wanted the Pokemon to have toxic.

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LGPE only has gen 1 Pokemon, so Umbreon is unavailable.
I edited it, so now it is a gen 1 pokemon.
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Clefable is my go-to toxic staller. It can also learn sing, thunder wave and wish. It can also learn stored power which is just so over powered. My recommended move set is:
Toxic (duh)
Stored Power
For a nature I recommend Relaxed so as well as a great Sp. Defense It can also resist physical attacks. I hope this helped :)

What are you using Stored Power for? Isn't Psychic, Moonblast, or most other special moves better? :P

How is Clefable's 95 HP, 73 Def, and 90 SpD better than Lapras's 130 HP, 80 Def, and 95 SpD, especially when Melmetal would OHKO it dues to weaknesses? :P
If you use stored power u need to have cosmic power