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Please forgive my ignorance as I know little about Pokemon. My girlfriend loves Pokémon though, so I got her a copy of Ultra Sun for Christmas because she's been wanting it since it came out but could never afford the hardware. However, would it be redundant if I also got her a copy of Pokémon Y? I know they are different generations of Pokémon, so I guess I'm wondering if Pokémon Y has enough unique Pokémon to catch that she won't find in Ultra Sun to warrant a purchase? Mind you, she's a casual fan - I just don't want her to get excited for a new game only to find mostly the same creatures in both versions. Thank you for any advice on this matter.


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I would say definitely not. Ultra Sun is more advanced that X/Y, but X/Y is a totally different story and has for the most part, totally different Pokémon. And while in graphics, though Ultra Sun shines, X/Y have some beautiful scenes like AZ and his Floette. I do prefer Ultra Sun, but I have yet to experience a bad Pokémon except for GO in its early days. Some Pokémon found in X/Y can be found in Ultra Sun, but most cannot. No, I do not believe that it would be redundant.