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I know about combo catching, but any tips? optimal methods, locations, etc.?
Please, try not to spoil any plot points though. sorry, between the new smash, getting the game a bit late, and catching up with majora's mask, yoshi's island and hello neighbour, i'm yet to complete the game.


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The chance you get a shiny Pokemon is 0.0001220703%.
1. You can keep on catching the same Pokemon in the wanted area until a shiny Pokemon pops up. This will increase your catch combo. The higher Catch combo of a specific Pokemon, the greater your chance will be to find a shiny-colored Pokemon of that species.
There are a few factors that can break your Catch Combo.

Running Away from a battle with that species

That Pokémon running away from you

Catching a Pokémon from another species

  1. Polygon.com advises that you catch every Pokemon in the pokedex, as well, to bring the easter egg into celadon city’s game freak offices, to increase the chance to get a shiny from 1/4096 to 1/1365 by giving you the shiny charm. Then, you can use my first trick, to further increase you chances. Plus, you might find preffered shiny Pokemon on your way of catching all those Pokemon, as well.
  2. Adding a lure , as well as using the first 2 methods with it ,will make the chance of getting a shiny (after you caught all 151 Pokemon) 1/273.
    Then, find 273 of the same Pokemon, and you will probably get 1 shiny!

Hope this helps!

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no, running doesn't break the combo. only if THEY run from YOU. if you've used two or three balls, it's actually optimal  to run from the pokemon in case it runs.
also, it doesn't increase the odds in the same way as other games; instead of pure odds, each method adds up to 15 tops RNG rolls (maxed-out combio, max lure and shiny charm) which gives each wild pokemon that spawns 15 1/4096 chances to be shiny. it still increases the odds in almost the same way, but the mechanics are quite different. this one's not really a critiscism, just a titbit.