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The Unown, in order of appearance are: A, I, H, U, W, G, T, B, E, S, (couldn’t tell what this one was, maybe a Q or L), F.

aihuwgtbesqf. The first few are just random letters.

The ones that appear in a circle around Suicune are E, U, B, H, S, T, W, and G. These are probably random letters again.

Right before the title screen, they spell out CRYSTAL.

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This is the link for the song:
This is the timestamps and the unown meanings:
Unown writings:
0:10 A
0:16 I H
0:27 U W G T B E S Q
0:37 F
0:43 T W E S H U G B (clockwise starting from up-left)
0:47 C R Y S T A L

This doesn't really add anything necessary to the answer
The order of the letters is different.