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So kabutops has decent attack stat but how high can it go if you AV train it in let's go


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Kabutops' Base Attack is 115, which means a Level 100 Kabutops with a 31 Attack IV will have an Attack stat of 292. Next, add 200 AVs to this and it's Attack Stat is 492. Now, give it, say, an Adamant Nature and it's Attack Stat becomes 521. Finally, max out it's Attack Stat with Swords Dance, and it's Attack Stat becomes 2084.

Kabutop's Attack cannot raise any Higher without Held Items or Abilities, which are not present in Let's Go PikachuTM or Lets Go EeveeTM, therefore Kabutops' max unboosted Attack is 521, and boosted is 2084.

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With 31 attack IVs, an attack raising Nature, and 200 attack AVs, Kabutops' attack stat can go to a total of 521 without any stat raising moves.

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You forgot a 10% nature boost
That isn't how Awakening values work..., the number is right, but the max AVs is 200 :P
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