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I have beaten several other master trainers without much trouble but the Beedrill one I cannot beat. Im higher level than him and can mega evolve but lose miserably each time. Please help! I dont know what I'm doing wrong!

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Is your Beedrill faster than his?
Unfortunately no his beedrill always attacks first with outrage.
I think you're supposed to use some kind of candy that raises speed.
Ok I will look into that thank you!
The Candy system in Let's Go! more or less replaces EV Training.  So if you haven't been feeding Candies to your Pokemon, it's pretty much the same as not EV Training them.

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Feed candies to Beedrill that increase its speed. You'll also want to teach your Beedrill Outrage or Drill Run if you have their TMs. Both standard and Mega Beedrill have pretty poor bulk overall, so you should be able to quickly beat it provided you can outspeed it.

Thank you very much for your help!