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So I heard a PokéTuber said that Ash turned 11 in an episode/movie (I forgot). Is it true? And if it is, can you say me what episode/movie it was?

That's all.

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It's sort of true and sort of not. It's a weird piece of trivia!

In 2001, Pokemon the Movie 3 was released as a main feature and its pre-show was a short film called "Pikachu & Pichu". The short film involves Pikachu taking interest in a streetwise Pichu, getting separated from Ash and the gang in the process. From there other Pokemon start popping up and causing more trouble for Pikachu & Pichu as they explore - lots of antics.

The short ends with Pikachu reuniting with Ash and is surprised to see that the whole time they were planning a big surprise party. Pikachu is confused when brought to the party, and Ash explains that today was "the day we first met".

For those who can remember back to the first episode of the Pokemon anime, the day Ash became a Pokemon trainer was also the day after he turned 10 years old. And as we all know, Ash's first Pokemon was Pikachu! This makes the Pikachu & Pichu short into a strange writing error and fuel for countless fan theories; the writers of the show never wanted Ash to age, and while it's claimed by staff he's still 10, this is a scene where Ash openly describes the day in the short being the day he met Pikachu - the day after his own birthday. This should make Ash at the very least 11 years old! For years, it's left many fans scratching their heads, but it's a pretty funny detail if nothing else.

Hope I helped!

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So that means Ash would be 17 in 2019, instead of every theory saying he's 20.
And yes, you helped!
Ash has to be 11 because you can't do the Island Challenge without being 11 says Bulbapedia. Ash practically should've been an adult already, but he's not, meaning there's something wrong with him :/. This disease can spread. And I also think that it would take more than 7 years to explore 7 regions of a planet. And Ash's explorations aren't short ones either.
Most of them are just based on country's so :/
Enlarged countries!
Ash ages 504 times more slowly than real people do because he's alive for only 20 minutes per week (except when movies come out).
In my country, he's alive 5 times per week *dab*
If that was true then every episode would begin exactly where the last one ended... Wait a minute.
Ash has been 11 for 21 years.