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my mega mawile stats are kinda low at lvl 50 because the juge function said that she has "decent potential." She gets knocked out in 1-2 hits and I was wondering if Hyper Training could solve this problem. Please help me my fellow trainers. Peace.

Does it have max HP EVs? EVs matter more than IVs.
Arguably they do — both are important, and you’ll notice the effects of them both. At level 100, EVs can add 63 points to a stat compared to IVs with 31, but IVs can be maxed on every stat instead of only two with EVs. So you get more points overall from IVs, but they can’t affect individual stats as much as EVs. (IVs are what you are fixing by hyper training.)
In terms of the question, if you hyper train HP, Def and SpDef, you will definitely notice the difference.
ok so what are the iv's and what are the ev's?
plus, my mawile is lvl.100. Is there a way to list her stats so i can show ou guys?
You cannot know EVs and IVs exactly without having planned your set in advance. Showing us its stats won't help much, unless you know either its EVs or its IVs 100% for certain. Unfortunately, the game itself only lets you approximate them.
For a rough idea of the EVs, press Y while looking at its summary screen for a graph. Your Pokemon has max EVs in a stat if it shines. To check IVs in a similar way, use the 'Judge' feature in the PC. If you don't see it, hatch 20 Eggs and talk to the Ace Trainer outside the Battle Tree to unlock it. You know your Pokemon has 31 IVs in a stat if it says 'Best' below it.
Hyper Training will set your Pokemon's IVs to 'Best', i.e. 31/31. If you can see your Mawile is deficient through the graph on the PC, then you can assume hyper training will make a noticeable difference -- note every IV equates as one real stat point if your Mawile is level 100.
alright ill hyper train my mawwile with the gold bottle cap i have and ill record the stat changes and tell yall the resualts

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Your Pokémon needs to be at lv.100 in order to hyper train, but if you hyper train and then use that Pokémon in a format that sets it to lv.50, the stats will keep the changes from hyper training.