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I maxout my gyarados' ev (252atk252spd6def)but I cant see some results to it. Any tips to make it work?thanks?

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What is its level, nature, and stats? Also, I'm assuming that spd refers to speed (in some formats, SpD is special defense while Spe is speed).
What are you doing with this Gyarados?
I don't think it really matters what they're doing with it...
for now its lvl 33  I wanted to make sure that my ev training is successful or nah before I level it up to 50 when will I gain the boost from ev training bro :(
when will i gain my boost bro brcause i want to battle wid my friends and our cap is lvl 50 how can i max my stats at that lvl need help badly
@sadness You should gain your boosts when the Gyarados levels up.
@Flapppers Of course it matters. An HM slave Gyarados isn't going to need EVs.

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Once you plug all the EVs in, you should see the results immediately. It takes 4 EVs to add a stat point, so depending on your Gyarados' Nature and IVs you can use this calculator to determine what its stats should be when you have all your EV training done (make sure you reset any EVs it already had before further investing in EV grinding).
In addition, you can use this calculator to determine its IVs.

Hopefully this helps you at least a little because I'm a little confused by the phrasing of your question.
It might benefit you to read about EVs more on this page.

Are you sure your Gyarados has moxie? I don't think moxie is supposed to exist in Emerald.
If Gyarados is trained as you've described, and also has 31/31 IVs in every stat (key point!), then its stats should appear as follows:  115 HP, 129 Atk, 67 Def, 48 SpA, 81 SpD, 89 Spe. As you would see, your HP and Defence are higher than expected, and the others average about six or seven points below. This is not nearly as drastic as you make it out to be, and would easily be explained by deficient IVs and mistakes recording EVs.
You said you 'bred' Gyarados: that's good, but did you breed it specifically to get 31/31 IVs on every stat? If you didn't, you will never achieve the optimal stats outlined above. Further variance in the stats would also be explained if you have recorded your EVs incorrectly. As KRLW890 suggests, you should use Pomeg, Hondew, Grepa and Qualot berries to clear EVs on the stats that you didn't train much, and note if the berries take effect, i.e. do not display 'Its stats won't go any lower!' If they don't display that message following use, then you have indeed made errors. Keep using berries until they do show the message.
If this wasn't obvious, there is no particular point where you will 'gain the boost' from EVs. Your Gyarados is already gaining the boost. The amount of points you gain from EVs scales linearly to your Pokemon's level: don't expect to see +63 points at level 33 like you would at level 100.
omg is it necessary to have a perfect 31/31 iv in order to gain boost?
thankyou guys :((((( youre da bestttt :(( for now ill try to breed a perfect iv thankyou guysss :((( godblesssss
Your Gyarados's stats will be boosted by EVs no matter what its IVs are. It's just that if you have good IVs its stats will be boosted further by the IVs.
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Using the stats you gave, I was able to plug them into Pokémon Showdown, and it looks like your Gyarados already had some EVs before you started training. You get EVs every time you gain EXP (assuming your EVs aren’t already maxed), so it’s best to EV train as soon as you possibly can. In particular, you definitely have some unwanted EVs in HP and Def (>6 EVs) although since it could very well have unwanted EVs in SpA and SpD as well. These unwanted EVs are taking away from your Atk and Spe, but luckily, Emerald just so happens to be the one game in Gen 3 where the Ev-reducing berries reduce EVs, so I would recommend, if you can, using Pomeg, Hondew, Grepa, and possibly Qualot berries on your Gyarados until it either says “its stat won’t go lower” or “it has no effect,” and then training in Atk and Spe some more. Qualot is optional because if you do that, you’ll lose out on the 6 Def EVs, but these are generally pretty insignificant anyway, so it’s your choice.

One thing to keep in mind is that, before Gen 5, stats are only recalculated when a Pokémon levels up or is deposited in the PC, so the stats won’t reflect any new EVs gained until one of those happen.

hmm i dont think thats possible because i took down notes while ev training and if ever i did reduce my ev will i gain some tremendous result by lvl 50? thankyoiu
plus i dont quiet understand this statement ((One thing to keep in mind is that, before Gen 5, stats are only recalculated when a Pokémon levels up or is deposited in the PC, so the stats won’t reflect any new EVs gained until one of those happen.))
Removing any EVs from unneeded stats will allow you to add more to Atk and Spe through training. The second statement is basically saying that the game will ignore new EVs until either the Pokémon levels up or is deposited into the PC.
Have you tried using the EV berries? You might have made a few mistakes in your notes. You can try calculating or guessing your EVs or IVs using this stat calculator. https://pokemonshowdown.com/damagecalc/
Also, the game only updates stats when the Pokemon levels up. Depositing it in the PC doesn't do it.
thankyouuuu guyyysssss!!
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I don't know how clear this needs to be.

You're already seeing boosts.

Maybe it would be clearer if I used glass? Anyway, according to this calculator, these are the highest stats a level 33 adamant Gyarados can have if it had no EVs.

HP: 115
Physical attack: 106
Physical defense: 67
Special attack: 48
Special defense: 81
Speed: 68

So you definitely have EVs in HP, physical attack, physical defense, and speed.

THANKYOU BROOOO thankyouusomuchhhh!! I learned a lot and I appreciate all your answers ill just give up dis gyarados I am trying to outspeed my friends shiny sceptile and it has 190 speed I give up I really cant hahahahah btw thankyouuu!!