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I bought a used game from someone on Amazon and they have tons of Pokemon of different types and they would be amazing to have to play the game with but they already have 8 badges. I was wondering if there was a way I could transfer the Pokemon they left on the game somewhere so I could keep them for a new game. The game is black 2 and I only have a dsi

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I use a 2ds. or did you mean specifically DS, as opposed to both 3Ds and switch.
specifically, the ds/ds lite/dsi/dsi xl era
I have ds xl, but as it sometimes freezes and I am a shiny hunter I cannot trust it.
ahh nostalgia
I bought a DS game second hand and it already knew my name. I think the last owner must have had the same name as me.

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Yes. You'd need another DS and another Gen V game, though. If you know somebody who has both, then you could borrow them. You could trade the Pokemon you wanted to use on the new save file to the other game card and store them on there until you've progressed to the point where you're able to trade on your new save file, then trade those Pokemon from the old save file back.