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Im trying to make a wall and I need some tips on what to train, so what is better for a ferrothorn?
Item: Leftlovers

252 hp Ev's and 128 Def / Sp Def


255 Def / Sp Def

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The First one, which is the 252 HP, 128 Def, 128 SP Def since this will be a Support Ferrothorn. This would be good because if you use the other one, it would completely be destroyed by a Fire type(example Infernape). Leftovers is a great item for it to take advantage of that HP. I would suggest using Substitute if it can learn it, and Leech Seed. Hope this helps..

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Wow, this is for a lead, I'll edit my answer.
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/ 252 Defense / 252 Special Defense / 4 HP /

The HP investment looks tempting, but having a lot more HP over Defenses actually weakens your bulk. Only fully invest HP if your Defending stats are about 20 points within range of each other.

Pokemon like Dusclops have proved that jamming a lot of Defenses (130 in both) into a little HP (40) makes for a bulky wall.

Will, lead Walls are suppose to have that EV Spread, and his Ferrothorn is for support.
There is no difference between Lead Walls, Stalls, Support Walls, Support Leads, etc, in this case. This is a Ferrothorn, and it needs bulk. Without Bulk, Ferrothorn has nothing.
Will do you know what your saying!? There is a difference and it depends on the role that the Pokemon Is being used as.
This doesn't make sense. If you are putting equal EVs into Def/SpDef then you should be putting MORE EVs into HP because it is lower!
If you have 50 HP and 100 Def/SpDef, then putting 50 points into HP is more effective than 50 points into Def AND SpDef.