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I Using Meloetta Pokemon with Serene Grace and hold King Rock ( 10.2 = 20%) and I use the following move :

For Example :

Shadaw Ball -> give demage amount 80 and chance to reduce SP. Deff by : 20% ( 20.2 = 40%) with serene grace

And the question is :
1.what percentage of possibilities does King Rock cause a flinch? 40% reduce SP.Deff & 20% chance to cause flinch?
2. if Shadaw Ball is an active side effect, is it possible that the effects of King Rock are also active for making Flinch? and if Yes
3.what percentage of possibilities does King Rock cause a flinch?


"40% reduce SP.Deff & 20% chance to cause flinch?"
What is this asking?

What do you mean by "active side effect"?

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  1. Yes, Shadow Ball will have 40% Sp.D reduction and 20% flincing chance.
  2. Yes, it is possible to cause Sp.D reduction and flinch at the same turn.
  3. There is 8% chance to cause the both together.
    And thats all folks.
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thanks for your best anwer. very helpful :)
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King's Rock has a 10% chance of causing a flinch, and that is its only effect -- so the chance of a move lowering a stat or causing a status ailment won't be affected by the item.
King's Rock only effects moves that do not already have a flinch rate, so it would not stack with moves like Iron Head, for example. It does, however, stack with Serene Grace. So a Pokemon with Serene Grace holding a King's Rock has a 20% chance of causing the opponent to flinch when using a move without a flinch rate.

Hope this helped.

Friend Flappers, its true that the question is asked about kings rock but the discription suggest other three question which are completely(almost) individual from that. His question is more about serene grace than kings rock. So try to answer the question by the discription. Thank you. And sorry if I misunderstood anything and commented.
True that. My contribution was just that those moves wouldn't be affected by the King's Rock outside of its default purpose :p
I do like your answer better, though.