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I want to train a Golisopod to have the moveset Razor Shell, Swords Dance, Iron Defense, and Sand Attack (Please don't judge or make comments about the moveset itself). Golisopod learns Swords Dance and Razor Shell seemingly before it evolves. How is this possible, and how do I get these moves?


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The only way to teach golisopod those moves is via move relearner. Move relearner is an NPC(Non Playable Charecter) in mount lanakila who can teach any level up move to any Pokemon. She will teach any move golisopod learns though level up in exchange of a heart scale(an item found in the game Mostly hidden in various location). Even the ones golisopod learns in a high level. If you have access to mount lanakila then you can teach those move to golisopod via the move relearner by paying two heart scale. So just grab two heart scale and rush to the mount anakila.
Here are some location for heart scale
Hano Beach (reappears occasionally)
Vast Poni Canyon (sometimes dropped after ambush encounters with Pokémon from flying shadows)
Fishing spots (Routes 7, 8, and 9, Paniola Town, Brooklet Hill, Akala Outskirts)
Konikoni City (restaurant), Malie City (Sushi High Roller), Seafolk Village (restaurant)
Festival Plaza (Haunted houses)
Held by wild Luvdisc (50% chance)

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It is Lanakila not anakila. Also you should say where you can get heart scales, just to make it easier for them. Also isnt the move relearner an old woman?
I have edited it. Thank you and sorry. I dont have access to any 3DS games so i didn't actually knew it.