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Just saying my current team:
-Gyrados (I may get rid of him)
I'm thinking maybe Mismagius but I'm not sure if they're actually any good.

You should probably add nothing or an HM slave Bibarel because 5 Pokemon is already a lot. If you really want 6 Pokemon, then I think the best one you can get is Roserade. Roserade's typing and stats are much better than Mismagius's.
Also Gyarados is a strong Pokemon, but it shares weaknesses with Staraptor. You can replace it with a Floatzel if you don't want that. Be sure to catch a high level Floatzel from a place like Route 218, Route 222, or Victory Road.
Also also Bronzong isn't that good. Its relatively weak offensive stats slow down the game, and it takes a lot of experience to level up. I'd recommend getting a Machop from Route 210 (so it comes at a high level), trading it for the Abra at Oreburgh City, evolving it, and going to the move reminder to teach it psybeam.
GO for Roserade, it has awesome special attack and can access toxic spikes

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You don't need 6 Pokemon to play Pokemon. If you really want 6 Pokemon, then you should get an HM slave Bibarel so your 5 battlers can get more experience. If you really want 6 battling Pokemon, then you should get a Roserade. Compared to Mismagius, Roserade has higher special attack and comes at a higher level.