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Is there like hundreds of floor patterns for each dungeon and Pokemon spawn depending on what floor it or does the game somehow randomly generate each floor almost randomly making sure there are a few rooms that are all connected to another room using existing patterns, or is it another way I have not thought of? Its been bugging me for a while now.

This is a question that would require spading/datamining, etc. Easiest to ask a developer this question. We probably don't have the answer (which tbh is why I never asked this first because I've also wondered).

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Floors consist of multiple rooms that are interconnected by hallways. Using a One-Room Orb turns the whole floor into a single room.
Each time a player visits a dungeon, its floor layout and the items inside it are randomized. Dungeons consist of multiple floors and waypoints, which can be traversed between by using stairs.


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Oh thanks! (Sorry for my late response I forgot i asked this question -_-)