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i managed to beat Druddigon & Flygon, but Haxorus is just a little bit tougher

my team is:

sewaddle at lv 43 with tackle, cut, bug bite & razor leaf

swanna at lv 42 with water pulse, aerial ace, wing attack & fly

azumarill at lv 42 with bubblebeam, tackle, aqua tail & surf

joltik at lv 42 with electro web, bug bite, flash & slash

cubchoo at lv 47 with fury swipes, powder snow, strength & dig

& pink frillish at lv 31 with night shade, energy ball, psychic & brine

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i do evolve my pokemon sometimes :3
Why u have tackle still on a mon??????
Also 3 water types?
@ Octazooka

swanna is also part flying type & frillish is also part ghost type...
Still, u could definitely replace frillish for chandlure and azumarill for a rock or ground type, or even grass

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According to the comments, you don't like to evolve your Pokemon, but there's still a way. To the west of Opelucid City, is Route 9. There's tons of Audinos there, when the grass rustles, so you should train your Pokemon there, and level them over 50. Trust me, Audinos really come in handy as they have a lot of exp.

Source- Experience

is that a threat? are u saying im not funny?
@ CrazyCradily

thanks ^^
@Cradily No it's a challenge.
Audino why people are always saying such corny jokes...
i actually never intended it to be a joke, until sumwun pointed it out