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Hello, it's me again. Anyway, I'm at the Pokemon League in my copy of Platinum right now, right before Victory Road. Through some research (read: briefly glancing at the article for Victory Road (Sinnoh) on Bulbapedia), I learned that Waterfall is needed for navigation. This is bad for me because the only Pokemon on my team who can learn Waterfall is loaded up with TM moves, so if I delete one of those to make room for it, I'm never getting it back (at least not in a way that won't be incredibly time consuming). However, through some further research (read: scrolling down a bit on the article for Victory Road (Sinnoh) on Bulbapedia), there's really only one place in the entire cave that it's required. So, is it possible to get around using Waterfall in Victory Road, or am I out of luck?

It's no use saying anything if you don't know...

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You need waterfall.
You can try temporarily replacing a team member with a Bibarel.

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Ah dang, I was hoping that wasn't the case. The Pokemon that can learn Waterfall on my team currently knows Ice Beam, so I guess I'll just delete that and then gamble my life away to get it back. Thanks for your help!
Just use a Bibarel. It's a lot cheaper than a TM13 ice beam.
Or Gyarados
If you empoleon you can use that. If not just HM slave a bibarel