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I have it on my team in let's go, and just realized how long I delayed Weepinbell's evo waiting for a move that I can't learn.

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Lets go PE left out a lot of moves on purpose so that it would be a more Nostalgic experience. :P
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I would assume it is because Leaf Blade wasn't introduced until Generation 3, and Lets Go PE kept out most moves, Pokémon, even Items and Abilities entirely because they weren't in Gen 1; they also kept all moves from Generation 1 in the game. :P

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It included some new moves, like quiver dance.
The answer says most were left out, not all.
they made pokemon way worse... for the sake of nostalgia? seriously? (edit: not the game, I mean some of the pokemon themselves)
Game Freak constantly shows they really don't care about a structured, Healthy competitive or balanced environment just by how poorly they made the Ice Type, so I don't think they'd care about Victreebel being good since they aren't loosing sales or breaking the game by not including Leaf Blade. :P
fair enough