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Could someone please tell me the best possible nature for Rowlet? I'm starting my game and I want to know what the best nature is before I continue. Thanks!

Rowlet's evolution chain has a nicely even distribution of stats; you could go a bunch of different ways. If you don't use T.M.s, there's literally no question: adamant (+attack, -special attack) is the way to go. In-game, attacking power is the most important thing you can have. Plus, he doesn't learn any special moves in Sun/Moon. The special attack moves he learns in the ultra versions aren't that powerful, and decideye doesn't have access to a lot of good special T.M.s in either game.

If you can't get adamant, you could go for a jolly nature, which pluses his speed, and decreases special attack. It would give him the upper hand earlier in the game.
What do you want to do with this Rowlet? Do you want to use it in the Battle Tree or against other people, or just against in-game trainers?

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Well, looking at both Rowlet and Decidueye, both of them are better in Atk than SpAtk (plus their movepool is primarily physical) and they have mediocre speeds (specifically addressing the latter). Because of Decidueye's numerous weaknesses, primarily from it's grass-typing, and although it has decent defenses (specifically for SpDef), Rowlet and Decidueye are typically used offensively instead of defensively. So, because Atk is it's primary attack type, you really wanna look at those natures that deal with +Atk or -SpAtk. Of course, decreasing defenses for this Pokemon is not really the best thing, so if you going +Atk, you would ideally choose -SpAtk as it's negative counterpart and thus look into the nature Adamant. However, increasing it's speed is not really a bad option either if you wanna get a hit or two before you get KOd - and it's really easy to KO someone like Decidueye. Thus, you would look into +Spd and -SpAtk and therefore the nature Jolly

Altogether, natures Adamant and Jolly would be your best natures for Rowlet.

Hope I helped! :)